Buying a used car can be an intimidating process, but at Valley Automotive Repair & Electric local to Covington, Maple Valley, and Black Diamond, you can bring your potential new ride for an inspection. Our auto mechanics that will let you know exactly what you’re getting and make the process much easier. Valley Automotive Repair & Electric can take the confusion out of auto sales, leaving you with a much clearer picture of your vehicle, including an auto repair maintenance schedule.

In auto sales, especially on used vehicles, getting an inspection is key. It is far better to know immediately what you are going to see when you pop the hood, along with which auto repairs you’ll go down the road. Sometimes, you can’t trust the seller of the vehicle to disclose things like corroded hoses or fraying belts, which makes it all more important to get auto sales inspections completed ahead of purchase.

Valley Automotive & Electric is the one stop shop for Covington, Maple Valley, and Black Diamond drivers. If we can’t fix it, it’s likely that no one can, as other shops as far away as Seattle and Tacoma send us their problem cases. We are committed to keeping our customers happy by providing full and complete disclosure at every stage of the game. We empower you to make the right decision for you, your vehicle, and your budget. This kind of dedication isn’t found everywhere, and our customers can see it too:

“Best place in the area to take your vehicle for inspection, they'll go over everything in great detail listed from most critical to things that can be taken care of later. I love that I never feel rushed especially when reviewing quotes and taking the time to explain everything to me in layman's terms. Quality service, repairs & excellent warranty. They treat you like family.” -- Jaime H.

It’s your car… What level of service and care do you want, a C+, or an A? At Valley Automotive Repair & Electric, we always strive for an A+. We take care of both our customers’ present needs and their car. Bring your car to us and learn how by being honest and upfront, we gain customer loyalty from drivers throughout Covington, Maple Valley, and Black Diamond again and again. Just give us a call or schedule your appointment online for auto sales advice. We are located at 17621 SE 272nd Street in Covington, WA 98042.

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