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Keeping All Engines Running Smooth!

Your oil change service is the single most important maintenance for your vehicle. We will keep your engine performing at its peak performance by providing clean and efficient oil changes. The oil change service intervals should be consistent and at an appropriate rate. We take all your vehicle’s specific needs into account, as well as your manufacturer’s recommendations. Your oil change will need to use the most effective oil grade for your engine. Our ASE Certified technicians are experienced and able to create the best plan for you. We’ll inquire about your driving habits and the terrain you’ll be driving on, and this is how we develop a personalized plan. Avoiding your timely oil changes at Valley Automotive Repair & Electric and Covington, WA will compromise your engine’s performance. Making your vehicle work harder than necessary shortens the life of your engine. You will also hurt your gas mileage when your oil and filter changes are not changed consistently.

Quality Oil Changes – Extending the Life of Your Vehicle

We understand how oil change services can be forgotten or delayed. Your auto services are always an interruption to your already busy day. Valley Automotive Repair & Electric in Covington, WA makes your oil change services quick and easy. Our goal is to keep your engine operating at its peak performance, taking care of your vehicle’s engine for today and the future. When you receive oil change services from Valley Automotive, you can be sure that you are receiving every vehicle enhancing maintenance. Our intimate knowledge of all makes and models of vehicles, combined with our extensive experience in vehicle maintenance makes every visit to us an upgrade. Stop by our repair and maintenance facility today to get on your unique oil change maintenance schedule.