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Emissions Repairs – Protecting You and Your Passengers

Vehicle safety inspection time comes around once a year. Washington’s Department of Motor Vehicles requires all motorists to pass an emissions test to make sure your vehicle isn’t emitting harmful contaminants. If you fail your emissions test this year, don’t worry, we have you covered. Our ASE Certified technicians are experienced in prepared to make your exhaust is safe and legit. Emission repairs are something that you should always get ahead of whenever you can. The annual tests are mandatory, however, if you notice harmful emissions coming out of your exhaust before an inspection. Bring your vehicle to us after a failed emissions test, or after you notice anything harmful coming from your exhaust. These harmful emissions are usually unrecognizable, which is why testing is mandatory once a year. Breathing in these toxins will put you and your passengers at risk, before anyone. When exhaust system emissions are noticeably giving off pollutants, then we need to service your vehicle immediately. Our primary goal is to make your vehicle’s operation as safe as possible for everyone. Meeting the emissions standards of the Washington highways is creating healthier and safer roads for everyone.

Saving the Earth, One Vehicle at a Time

Our emissions repairs are helping to save the environment, just like Washington’s emissions testing standards. Always be conscious of your vehicle’s contribution to air pollution and our overall breathing quality. Any question or concerns about your vehicle’s emissions should be brought to us. We’re here to protect the quality of the air you are breathing. Don’t feel the need to wait for a failed test to inquire with us about your emissions, but certainly after you’ve failed a test, we can get you passing again.

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