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Fully Operational Brakes For Your Vehicle

We take your brake services as seriously as you do. Don’t drive around wondering if your brakes are okay. Stop into Valley Automotive Repair & Electric in Covington to get all your questions answered. This is your go-to brake repair facility for Covington. Our highly experienced and trained technicians are ready to solve any problems with your braking system. All makes and models are welcome, and we get your brake services right the first time. Our exceptional brake repairs save you time and money. Quality brake repairs and maintenance are the key to making sure that troubles with your braking system go away for good. When you trust your vehicle’s brake services to an inexperienced shop, you may find yourself returning for the same repairs weeks later. At Valley Automotive, we have the ASE Certified technicians that will provide you with most complete brake repairs. Trust Valley Automotive’s brake repair specialists in Covington, WA to eliminate any brake problems, and make your drive as safe as safe as possible.

Eliminate Brake Noises Today!

Your brakes will give you a few warning signs to let you know that it’s time to come see us. If you notice a squealing or squeaking noise whenever you apply your brakes, then it’s time to give your brakes some attention. The high-pitched squeal might go unnoticed if you have your stereo up loud enough. If you turn it down, you’ll notice the same noise that everyone else is hearing. When you don’t hear this warning sign, you will probably keep driving like normal. Before long, this squealing will turn into a grinding noise, because the brake pads have worn down. The metal-on-metal grinding can cause serious damage to your braking system. You should stop driving on them immediately and bring your vehicle to Valley Automotive Repairs & Electric in Covington, WA.